Welcome to Delta School District! We look forward to meeting you shortly. Take a look at the student handbook, orientations, activity program, and videos below to give you more information about our programs and to prepare for your new life in Delta.

School Year Calendars

For important dates for the next school year:




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Student Orientations

Click here to download the new student registration and orientation information for September 2022 Intake

Student Orientations
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Student Handbook

To help you adjust to your new learning and living environment, we have prepared this student handbook. It comes in many languages and has valuable information for what to expect when you come to Delta.


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School Programs

Students will have the opportunity to choose elective courses from a broad range of areas including Fine and Performing Arts, Technology Education, Business Education, Physical Education, Home Economics and District Academy programs. Students are strongly encouraged to engage in the secondary school life by participating in numerous extracurricular clubs, activities and sport teams.

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Delta international students have monthly sightseeing activities and excursions that they can sign up for at their school. Activities may include ski/snowboarding trips to Whistler, snow shoeing/snow tubing, Fright Night at Playland, whale watching, day trips to Victoria, day camps (with canoeing, hiking, archery), professional hockey games, and much more!

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Arrival Protocol

If you have questions as you prepare for your journey, contact Ms. Karen Symonds at KSymonds@GoDelta.ca or at 604-396-6862. You can also start contacting your homestay family and school staff at any time. See attached arrival information below for when you arrive at the Vancouver International Airport.


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Success in Canada

Tips for being successful in Canada

  • Be open minded (don’t judge or compare). Canada is different. Challenge yourself to try new things, new food, and different hobbies.
  • Get involved – join school clubs and sports and join community centre programs
  • Be patient. Give yourself time to get over jet lag and to adapt to a new country, educational style, home, food, and lifestyle.
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to excel – it will all come with time.
  • Ask for help – there are many staff to help you at any time, but other students can also give great advice and support
  • Stay healthy – get enough sleep, eat well, be active, don’t spend too much time on the internet
  • Get a tutor
  • Celebrate small steps and successes.
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